The scars of a sweet paradise #MWWC34

The scars of a sweet paradise, a story by Ela Wine Lady, an entry for a Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC34

[This is an entry for this month’s Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC34]   With love and respect to those who try to forget.   Michelle was not, what you would call, a wine lover. She was neither a wine person, nor any other alcohol lover at all. She was a very sober 40-something woman, unsuccessfully trying to write her seventh novel. It was supposed to be another bestseller, yet since over a year Michelle hasn’t written even one […]

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Fete Le Vin with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne

Arnold Schwarzenegger Libourne Fete Le Vin with Wine Lady

Life is full of surprises, whether you believe in it or not. Mostly, they come to us when we don’t expect them, yet often times it’s the moment when we need them the most. Thinking I could ever see my idol and my biggest inspiration, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne, sounds a lot too crazy. On the other hand… C’est la vie! And la vie is beautiful. And la vie is full of surprises. This crazy little thing […]

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5 alcohol and wine phobias you probably had no idea existed!

Alcohol and wine phobias you had no idea existed - by Wine Lady.

‘Novinophobia means a fear of running out of wine or having no wine’. I bet you have seen this sentence somewhere on wine glasses, pillows, mugs or t-shirts for wine lovers. I also bet it made you laugh. Because it is so funny for a wine lover to say ‘my friend, I suffer from the disease called novinophobia, so please refill my glass with fine wine!’ And although this makes us laugh, there are a few real […]

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2017 Wine Lovers Challenge

Wine Lovers Challenge 2017 with Wine Lady

Let’s have some fun together! Join me in 2017 Wine Lovers Challenge and enjoy making your wine dreams come true. New Year is not only about goals and resolutions but also dreams. Let’s make 2017 special! Therefore…   What do you dream of? Would you like to have an old vintage of your favourite wine? Or perhaps you are dreaming of visiting a new wine region? What about reading a few wine books or writing your own […]

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23 awesome wine gift ideas (not only for wine lovers)

Looking for a present for wine lover? Check out this wine gift ideas not only for wine lovers - by Wine Lady

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and any other types of celebration; they are all about sharing your love and best wishes and giving something that will make your beloved ones feel special. Each year we spend a lot of time on looking for presents to put under the Christmas tree or to give for a special occasion. What can you buy for a wine lover?  What wine related products may bring a smile on the face of your […]

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Mulled Wine recipe for winter

Wine Lady shares her recipe for mulled wine and mulled beer

Hot wines and hot beers are my favorites if it comes to keeping warm in the winter season. I do love them with acacia honey, lots of sweet spices and a slice of orange. ‘’Shaken or stirred’’, it doesn’t matter – I drink what I like and I encourage you to do the same. Here’s my mulled wine recipe that keeps me warm during winter.     Mulled wine recipe Ingredients: 1 (750ml) bottle of red wine […]

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Proverbs for wine lovers

Have some fun with proverbs for wine lovers created by Wine Lady

I like to play games. I like the word games and I play with words as much as I can. It’s easier with my own language, but a little bit of ‘just kidding’ in another language is funny as well, especially when I am not sure if I really say what I mean. I have a lot of fun with popular proverbs, which took on a new meaning and became my famous proverbs for wine lovers ;) […]

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10 most beautiful wine moments in life

10 most beautiful moments in life of wine lovers - a wonderful sharing by Wine Lady

My 10 most beautiful wine moments are mostly my ‘first times’ with wine. When I started my adventure with wine I was pure and innocent, such as empty pages of the book that are ready to be filled in with words that tell a story. Over the years I’ve been writing down in this ‘book’ my new experiences, wine knowledge, dreams and memories. They form my wine story. They are the fondation of my wine passion. They […]

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2Bobule – Once again innocently about wine

a wine film review of 2Bobule - innocently about wine, delivered to you by Wine Lady

I loved the Bobule (2008) film. It was not only funny but also inspiring, idyllic and simply beautiful. I was very excited while the sequel, 2Bobule, came out. I’ve been waiting for another dose of great humour, Czech wine, and beautiful Moravian landscapes. After the first film, my expectations were very high. I think they were too high…     Let’s start from the beginning: The Story After Honza took over his grandfather’s vineyards, he’s trying to […]

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Let’s get social!

WIne Lady on social media

Social networks are a great tool in order to stay in touch with others on a daily basis. I post regularly on my social media and I try my best to answer questions and comments as soon as possible. Yet due to work and many activities I do, I am not online all the time ;) If you use social media, I encourage you to follow me and write to me as often as you wish. At […]

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One day in Bordeaux… the travel that changed my life

one day, my first day, in Bordeaux - the trip to France that changed my life forever - Wine Lady shares her story

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there was a beautiful princess. She had a beautiful big house surrounded by beautiful landscapes. She didn’t have to work, she didn’t have to worry about anything, and she was never sad or angry. She was eating only natural food, always beautifully served. She could spend her days in the massive garden, lying down on the beautifully green grass, talking to animals and flowers and enjoying the […]

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En Primeur 2015 – Bordeaux, 4-8.04.2016


I will be honest with you guys: I haven’t been too excited with this year’s En Primeur 2015 as I’ve been so busy lately I had no time to think about the preparation for the Bordeaux most famous wine event. Until Monday I didn’t even care about printing the invitations for all of the 2015 tastings! Today is Saturday, a day after all the tastings have been finished, and finally I have some time to sit down […]

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