17 wine experts share tips on how to be effective online

wine experts share their tips with Wine Lady - how to be effective online

I have been recently working on a post on ‘how to be effective online when writing about wine’. I started to analyze my ways to promote my wine content online. I have tried them with better or worse results with Wine-Lady.com and with other wine websites as well. Some of them worked better, some didn’t work at all. I’ve created a list of those that worked the best for me thinking, that having a list will change […]

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Manage your time with Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique for wine business owners to improve productivity; how to use Pomodoro method by Wine Lady

From time to time we all get to the point when we spend too much time on working but our productivity is not as effective as it could be. We are tired, we are not fully happy with the effects of our job; there’s no time left for family and ourselves. Often times we don’t know how another day has passed with us doing ‘nothing’ and being extremely tired at the same time. Setting goals and planning […]

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Sorry Babe, it’s over

Wine Lady shares about how to say no to too many emails, facebook groups you dont really like

I’ve just done something exceptional. I have spend about 6 hours on Facebook doing ‘fb stuff’ and playing with my emails. Gosh, I had no idea there are so many people having something very important to share with me! Yeah, I can feel the love now… The quantity wasn’t a big problem (though I found almost 250 emails in my inbox), as I kind of get used to receiving a lot of emails a day. It is […]

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