Fete Le Vin with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne

Arnold Schwarzenegger Libourne Fete Le Vin with Wine Lady

Life is full of surprises, whether you believe in it or not. Mostly, they come to us when we don’t expect them, yet often times it’s the moment when we need them the most. Thinking I could ever see my idol and my biggest inspiration, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne, sounds a lot too crazy. On the other hand… C’est la vie! And la vie is beautiful. And la vie is full of surprises. This crazy little thing […]

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Important celebrations for drink lovers. (wine days calendar)

wine days calendar, wine celebrations,wine events, cocktail days, spiritsdays, beer days - a very useful calendar delivered to you by ElaWine Lady

Wine days, cocktail days, spirit days, beer days, grape variety holidays, wine events and wine celebrations – they all are in one place, so you always know what to celebrate. Although as all types of drink lovers we do not need a reason to taste, it is nice to raise a glass with millions of others all around the world. This wine calendar (and cocktail calendar, and spirits calendar, and beer calendar) will keep you on the […]

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My outcomes for 2017

Outcomes and goals for 2017 by Wine Lady

I do not write a list of New Year’s Resolutions each year on January. I set up my goals during the year, I review them every few months and modify if needed. After achieving one outcome, I celebrate for a while and set up a new one. In the meantime, I celebrate little successes such as daily tasks that bring me closer to my goals and outcomes. As I committed a post about goal setting lately (you […]

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2017 Wine Lovers Challenge

Wine Lovers Challenge 2017 with Wine Lady

Let’s have some fun together! Join me in 2017 Wine Lovers Challenge and enjoy making your wine dreams come true. New Year is not only about goals and resolutions but also dreams. Let’s make 2017 special! Therefore…   What do you dream of? Would you like to have an old vintage of your favourite wine? Or perhaps you are dreaming of visiting a new wine region? What about reading a few wine books or writing your own […]

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Einheitswein – unification wines from Germany

Wine Lady Geisenheim University Unification Wines project

At the end of August I received a nice email from Geisenheim University in Germany asking if I would like to participate in their student’s project “Unification Wine”, in which two wine blends from all 13 wine growing regions of Eastern and Western Germany have been created. As I’ve been told, Professor Schweickert and his students sent bottles of each wine to the world’s 100 top wine journalists and bloggers to get a feedback about the wines […]

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Vintage 2015 – harvest update #3

Harvest update Vintage 2015 by Wine Lady

The weather in France hasn’t been nice lately although the new week brings back the sun and it’s very warm at the moment (20-28 degrees). Almost everywhere whites have been already picked and reds are being picked or are still on vines waiting to be harvested at the beginning of October. Time for third harvest update! It’s been more than a week when the weather went bad in Bordeaux- it has been raining every day with lots […]

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2015 harvest report update, 9th of September

We are confident of volume as well as quality of the grapes! Berries are healthy and concentrated, bunches are big and clean and the weather is perfect for picking. I am in touch with winemakers and winegrowers to provide you my harvest report update. Let’s get through what’s going on at the moment: Bordeaux, France Right Bank. Whites (first Sauvignon Blancs) have been already picked and they are fermenting in the wineries. Other Sauvignon Blancs (for fuller […]

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Vintage 2015 – harvest report 2015 update, 1st of September

Two words about what’s going on at the moment! A short harvest report 2015 update for grapes picking Harvest Report 2015, Wine Lady   Bordeaux It looks like we’re picking! Whites for the sparkling base wine has been already picked, some of the Semillons are also already in the winery. Other producers start picking tomorrow and during next few days (depends on the grape variety and the land the vines are grown). The alcohol level may be […]

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SCREW by Georgia Felt– a photographic exhibition with a twist

Australia is not only beautiful but also very fascinating if it comes to its love to Art. No matter where I go there is an exhibition of pictures or paintings (whether more or less connected to wine). It looks natural for cellar doors to show bottles of wines altogether with pieces of art. Such a beauty! I’d like to introduce to you some of the pictures from a photographic exhibition in National Wine Centre, Adelaide, SCREW by […]

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Vinitech Sifel, Bordeaux, 2-4 December 2014

In the last week the city of Bordeaux really suffered from traffic jams and crowded hotels, especially for three days, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December. All this is due to the exhibition Sifel Vinitech 2014, which took place in Bordeaux during those days. It was my first visit to the show. During the exhibition you could see everything related to wine production sector, as well as fruits and vegetables growing and production, as the exhibition […]

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Yo soy garnachica – Peña Garnacha 2014

Have you ever heard about the Fiesta de San Roque or Peña Garnacha? It is an amazing, full of colours, sing and dance Spanish fiesta where whole families go out and enjoy the fiesta untill early morning. I would like to take you on a journey to the beautiful town of Calatauyd, where we were singing and dancing while walking through the streets. I want to show how loving wine and especially how to love the Garnacha […]

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A request to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, I am very grateful for the beautiful weather but I would like to remind you that in one week it will be December. It is only 10 am and we already have 19 degrees and lots of sunshine and we will have lunch outside. Yesterday I was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt because it was 24 degrees. I think something is wrong. Please give us rain, cold wind and some freezing mornings so we […]

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A nomination for WINE LADY in ‘Wine Blog of the Year 2014’ competition

Dear Readers, Yesterday I found out that my blog Wine Lady has been nominated to ‘WINE BLOG OF THE YEAR 2014′ comptition organized by the ‘Czas Wina’ magazine, one of the biggest magazines about wine in Poland. I am very pleased with the news! This is the only one competition for Polish bloggers in Poland, the first one took place in 2012. From all the blogs about wine in Poland ‘Czas Wina’ magazine chose 20 Polish blogs […]

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