How to have a successful presence online?

Wine Lady shares wine expert tips and the key for how to have a sucessful presence online

How much time do you spend on thinking what could you do to attract more people to your wine blog? Are you happy with the number of people who follow you on social media and engage with what you publish there? Do you feel like you are a part of wine network community? Could you tell whether you are engaged with what others do or you just focus on auto promotion? Do you think that you have […]

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Are you adult oriented? (wine website)

Are you adult oriented when writing about wine on your wine website? 7 tips on how to show you write for adults only deliverd to you by Wine Lady

I wonder whether or not you have been asking yourself this question.. In case you haven’t, let me do it for you: Are you adult oriented when publishing online? In other words: Have you ever been thinking how to protect people who are under the legal drinking age from viewing your website? Do you know what can you do to limit access to your website for underage people? It sounds ridiculous indeed. Firstly perhaps you do not […]

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10 awesome wine post ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

wine post ideas for wine blogs for December, Christmas and New year's Eve by Wine Lady

December is usually a busy month. Not only because of the Christmas preparation but also, due to enjoying our winter holidays, we have to finish a lot of projects at work in the first half of the month. Moreover, it is the time when most of us look for presents for our beloved ones and we spend a huge amount of our free time in the shopping centers. There’s not much time left for neither reading nor […]

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How to write a high converting start here page.

How to write high converting start here page for wine business website or wine blog by Wine Lady

Let’s make it clear from the beginning – a ‘start-here’ page is not essential for running a successful wine website. It may be, however, very helpful for new readers, who visit your website for the first time. Additionally, you may turn your start here page into a high converting page, which will be very valuable for you. Think of a start here page (or a getting-started page, or a new reader page, or any other name page) […]

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Once more, with feeling. Revamp the old posts.

Revamp the old posts and re-promote them to increase the traffic to your wine blog - tips from Wine Lady

Wine writing has one beneficial characteristic: it is timeless. You write about how to taste wine or what are the wine regions in France and in the years time the information is still valid. It may need some updates, yet in general it is still a great and mostly up-to-date content. Then.. Why not promoting it again? Rather than searching for ideas, revamp the old posts and promote them to your readers and followers. It is a […]

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Size matters #2 – wine blog dimensions

what image sizes are the best for your blog? what are the correct wine blog dimensions? - tips from Wine Lady

Social media pages are important for building the engagement with your audience. Still, the main and most important online platform you focus on should be.. yes, your website! That’s why it is important to know the wine blog dimensions for images you upload to your wine blog. Remember: your wine blog is a place you want to redirect your readers from your social media pages or other websites; not the other way round.

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Size matters – how to share images online

how to share images online, the first article from the Size Matetrs series delivered to you by Wine Lady

Size matters – an introduction to a series of tips on how to share images online on your wine blog and social media with accurate dimensions for Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Photos and pictures (graphics, infographics, icons etc) are important elements you should take care of while writing either an article for your wine website or a post for any of your social media. They make your writing more interesting and are very popular nowadays.

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7 ways of using blockquote formatting

how to use blockquote formatting for your wine business website or wine blog - tips from Wine Lady

A ‘reading experience’ is quite a new term in web design. I bet you know that your website needs to be pretty, easy to navigate and give value in order to keep your visitors for longer. It applies to the graphics design as well as to the text content of your wine blog posts. After all, it is difficult to read when there is just a one massive block of text. For this reason it is important […]

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Free stock photos for wine blogs

Looking for free wine images, free wine stock photos or free pictures with wine - tips on how to find them from Wine Lady

There are many free stock photos to use on the internet and many bloggers use them on their websites. Personally, I prefer to use my own pictures on my wine website, but I don’t mind adapting free stock pictures for WBT purposes ;) I’ve been searching for the free stock photos for wine blogs and I found some that you might be interested in.

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