The Cenosilicaphobic Cat 2009

I love cats and I find the sound of the phobia names interesting, therefore I wanted to try wine, The Cenosilicaphobic Cat 2009, named after a cat and a phobia of an empty glass ;) Let’s check what the story behind the name is!

“Growing up, fourth generation winemaker, Chester Osborn, had a large ginger cat with blood shot eyes named Non Alcoholic Booze. In typical Australian fashion this was shortened to Booze after he was caught cleaning up a small red wine spill with his tongue. He developed quite a taste for red after that, but was denied access to his new found love by the concerned Osborn family. Consequently Non Alcoholic Booze lived a frustrated life, because despite his nickname, he suffered a monumental case of Cenosilicaphobia (the fear of an empty glass).”


The Cenosilicaphobic Cat 2009


The Cenosilicaphobic Cat 2009 is a dark red coloured wine with some brown hues. In the bouquet you will find fruits such as blackberry, black cherry, and blueberry. More over the wine shows aromas of leather, spices and herbs with a strong aroma of liquorice, toast and a slight oaky note.

The Cenosilicaphobic Cat 2009 is a medium-full bodied wine, very dry and puckering. The structure of the wine is quite austere with generous alcohol and lots of big, stalky tannins. There are lots of fruit flavours on the palate such as black cherries, red currants and black currants with a hint of spices, herbs and wood. The finish is medium, crisp and dry with woody tannins and spices.

It is not a wine for everybody to enjoy, but wine lovers, who like original wines will enjoy it a lot.

At the end let’s listen to what Chester Osborn says about his wine?

The Cenosilicaphobic Cat 2009 – wine review:

Wine – The Cenosilicaphobic Cat
Country – Australia
Region – South Australia
Appellation – McLaren Vale
Vintage – 2009
Grape varieties – Sagrantino 90%, Cinsault 10%
Winemaker – Chester Osborn, Jack Walton;
Vineyards – in McLaren Vale
Soils – nd
Style and type – still; red, dry
Alcohol – 13,6 %
Barrel ageing – 18 months
Serving temperature – °C
Cellaring – yes
Price range – 29$
Others – RS 3.0g/L; TA 7.7; pH 3.31;
Tasting date – March 2015; McLaren Vale, Australia

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