Size matters #4 – Twitter dimensions

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This is a fourth article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Twitter dimensions. (last update: July 2016)

I have been using Twitter since 2012 more from curiosity than wine-networking reasons, at least at the beginning. Twitter is a great ‘sms-like’ platform to stay in touch with others. It’s also a great tool to be up-to-date with the highlights on what is going on in the world of wine.

Moreover, it is a perfect place to share photos with others, so it’s good to know the basics about the rules for publishing images on Twitter.

Let’s have a closer look at Twitter dimensions and learn some tips on how to tweet the best possible photos on Twitter.


Profile image

The recommended Twitter dimensions for the profile image are 400px wide and 400px tall. The maximum upload size for a profile image is 2MB. The profile image displays as 200px by 200px on your Twitter profile.

The profile image displays with rounded corners and thin white border around it. This is applied by Twitter automatically while uploading the file and cannot be removed.

Twitter supports PNG and JPEG files to be used as a profile image, but both files are compressed and converted to a JPEG file.

When uploading a logo as your Twitter profile image, remember to set the thumbnail by re-positioning the image.

The profile image displays as a big square and is attached to the header of the profile. It stays constant when resizing the browser window, but it disappears when scrolling down the profile.

When publishing a tweet, the profile image is automatically down-scaled to 48px by 48px and placed at the top of each tweet.


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Header photo

Recommended Twitter dimensions for a header photo are 1500px by 500px. If you upload the bigger file, Twitter will crop it but you can reposition it to get the best result.

Twitter supports PNG and JPEG files to be used for a cover photo, but any files are compressed and converted to JPEG files.

Because the header photo is displayed differently on different monitor sizes, the image may be cropped. According to Twitter, they crop the images about 60px on the top of the image and 60px on the bottom of it.

Make sure you’re uploading the image with the highest possible quality settings you can. It will not save your image from being heavily compressed by Twitter, but at least the final image should look better.


When you’re uploading image to Twitter, make sure it has highest possible quality settings. Click To Tweet


I also recommend using JPEG file for a header photo. In my opinion the final effect is better when using a JPNG file. Twitter is not that aggressive with JPEG files compression as it is for PNG files.

Notice: while using the Twitter on tablets or smartphones, the profile image is displayed on top of the header image, therefore it covers the header image.

Be aware of it when placing your logo in the header photo.



In-stream photo

The images you upload displays in your profile stream, your profile gallery and in the Twitter news.

The image needs to fit within a box 504px wide and 504px tall.

Square images may be scaled proportionally, while rectangle ones may be scaled and/or cropped. Horizontal image (landscape) will be scaled to max 504px width, while vertical image (portrait) to max 504px height. In this case on the right side of the vertical image there will be white space left. The size of the white space depends on how narrow the image is.

You can upload up to 4 images in one tweet. The first image displays bigger (380px by 380px) and last three ones smaller and to the right (126px by 126px each).

In general, Twitter supports JPEG, PNG and GIF files. PNG and JPEG can be up to 5MB in size and are compressed and converted to a JPEG file while uploading. Pictures are automatically scaled for display in your tweet stream and gallery.



In-stream shared link thumbnail

If attached to a link, the thumbnail displays as a rectangle 504px wide and 255px tall. The link description and the title display under the image. Notice that some links do not have thumbnails and there is no image displayed in Twitter’s stream.

When the picture related with the link is small, then it displays as a small square on the left side of a tweet with link description on the right.


Animations and videos

While uploading an animated GIF file make sure it does have a loop, otherwise it displays as a static picture.

Twitter supports animated GIF files only in your tweets’ stream, although they cannot be used for profile or header images. The GIF needs to be smaller than 3MB.

You can tweet only one animated GIF file at once.

Moreover, it is popular to share Vines and short videos on Twitter. Twitter supports MP4 and MOV video formats up to 512MB and maximum 30 seconds in length. The minimum resolution for Twitter video is 32px x 32px, while maximum – 1920px x 1200px. Aspect ratios range is 1:2.39-2.39:1.


Notice: This Twitter dimensions data is accurate for July 2016.


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Twitter Image Sizes quick reference

  • Header photo: 1500 px wide by 500 px tall (displays smaller, scaled and cropped, depends on the device)
  • Profile image: 400px wide by 400px tall (displays as 200px by 200px)
  • In-stream shared photo: max 504px wide and max 504px tall;
  • Files: JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • Size: max 2MB for profile image, max 5MB for shared photo, max 3MB for animated GIF
  • Shared link thumbnail: displays as 504px by 255px
  • Supported video formats: MP4, MOV; up to 512MB and max 30 second length


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