Vintage 2015 – harvest update #3

Harvest update Vintage 2015 by Wine Lady

The weather in France hasn’t been nice lately although the new week brings back the sun and it’s very warm at the moment (20-28 degrees). Almost everywhere whites have been already picked and reds are being picked or are still on vines waiting to be harvested at the beginning of October. Time for third harvest update!

It’s been more than a week when the weather went bad in Bordeaux- it has been raining every day with lots of changes during a day – cold and misty in the morning, warm and sunny about noon, rainy and stormy afternoon, then again lots of sun followed by strong wind and rain in the evening and night; more or less that’s how the typical day of the last two weeks looked like.

Vineyards in Bordeaux Cotes de Castillon by Wine Lady

The average maturity of reds in the Right Bank of Bordeaux looks good: Merlot is at its 13.9 degree in average with pH3.44 and the sugars at the level of 343. Cabernet Franc is at its 13.3 degree with 3.39 pH and sugars at the 231. Cabernet Sauvignon is about 13.7 degree in average with pH 3.3 and sugars at the level of 214. Because of the rain wine growers need to be aware of possibility of grey rot!

Most of bio-producers in the Right Bank of Bordeaux have already picked their grapes (more or less after the first 2-3 days of rain) to avoid the risk of grey rot, many other producers also picked reds without risking to lose the grapes because of the unpredictable weather. However better quality wine producers took their chance and left the berries on the vines and it looks like they made a great decision as the weather changed dramatically and it is hot and sunny again; the grapes have their chance to ripen fully (especially if it comes to the phenolic ripeness).

Harvest in Maury vintage 2015 harvest report by Wine Lady

In the Left Bank of Bordeaux wine region the producers also have problems with rain – and although the rain is not very heavy, the vineyards need sun and dry conditions now to ripe fully!

It looks like harvest in Burgundy has been finished last week! Although Chablis had a problem with hail and lots of rain, there is, luckily, no big damage in the vineyards in the region. The Loire Valley grapes are also picked (most of the producers have picked the berries already) with Sancerre finishing picking last week.

Midi, especially Roussillon, presents an outstanding concentration and quality of the juice – Grenache is complex, fruity and full of beautiful thyme and black olives notes, while Syrah is varietal and spicy. All the reds have an amazing, ruby and deep purple colour!

Visiting Maury - harvest 2015, grapes on the truck

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