Welcome to wine-lady.com

Dear Wine Lover,

Welcome to my new website!

Wine-Lady.com is a continuation of my blog Wine Lady (wine-lady.blogspot.com), where I had been publishing articles about wine, tasting notes, books’ and films’ reviews and other content related to wine. I had been running the blog on blogspot from 2011 till 2014.

At the beginning it was only my private diary, as I was ‘tabula rasa’ to wine – I knew nothing about wine apart from that wine exists. For my job I had to use lots of information about wine regions, grape varieties, labeling terms, wine law regulations etc; it was therefore easy to save the information in a blog form and get access to my notes from everywhere.

However, day by day I became increasingly fascinated with wine and addicted to wine-books, wine-people, wine-places, wine-tastings and wine-everything. This created endless interesting topics to write about. I became a wine-obsessed creature, hungry for new wine knowledge and more wine adventures.

In 2012 I decided to make my Wine Lady blog public and share my passion with others. Following year I decided to create a multi-language website, where I could write in both English and Polish (wine-lady.blogspot was only in Polish language version with google translate option for foreigners). I also had made a decision to move the content from bloggers platform to my own website under Wine-Lady domain.

That decision changed everything.

It took me a while to set up my new website; two websites, as I decided to create one in English and other one (Wine-Lady.pl) in Polish. Reason? Different markets, different needs, more web developer’s possibilities if it comes to website management and, above all, no time to translate every single post to another language.

In 2014 I moved to France and started to travel regularly to wine producing areas all over the world. Writing in Polish and translating posts into English had no sense, so I made (another! :)) decision to write in English and focus on my English-speaking readers and this is how Wine-Lady.com became my main website. Because of having a lot of loyal Polish readers, I’ve kept the Wine-Lady.pl and I still publish there, although I write less regularly and I translate only selected articles from my English website.

this is me, the ‘New Wine Lady’ :)
A new life, a new website, new wines to taste and new wine ideas to write about.

I can’t wait to start writing here! I am sure you will be tolerant for my language mistakes ;) I hope you will find the new website even more interesting than the previous one.

Thank you for reading me!

-Wine Lady-

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