The colour of the wine – my favourite one!

colours of wine by Wine Lady

About a year ago I participated in a writing and photography challenge. I found the notes about it in my notebook a few days ago and I decided to share it with you as it is quite hmm.. easy to read and honest ;) The challenge subject for that day was ‘my favourite colour’ in a picture and I’ve interpreted it my own way making it, of course, a wine-focused one. I described my favourite colour as the colour of the wine.


the colour of the wine…


Lemon-green, green-tinged, greeny straw, lemony, yellow, copper, straw, straw-yellow, amber, gold, orange, rose, violet rose, yellow rose, orange rose, orange pink, pink, salmon, purple, ruby, garnet, violet, red, brick red, tile red, orange red, tawny, mahogany, brown, black…

All of its tones, hues, saturations. I love them all.

I love the wine colour just for the sake of loving it.


What’s your favourite colour?


old-brick red withbronze hues – fortified wine


orange rose colour of the rose wine


bright red colour of the rose champagne


yellow-green colour of the white wine



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