Important celebrations for drink lovers. (wine days calendar)

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Wine days, cocktail days, spirit days, beer days, grape variety holidays, wine events and wine celebrations – they all are in one place, so you always know what to celebrate. Although as all types of drink lovers we do not need a reason to taste, it is nice to raise a glass with millions of others all around the world. This wine calendar (and cocktail calendar, and spirits calendar, and beer calendar) will keep you on the right track. With this in mind, you won’t feel alone when raising a glass of your favorite drink ;)

FYI: In case you are interested in only-wine related celebrations, I highlighted all the wine days in gold. Furthermore, the movable holiday dates are (in brackets), it means those days differ each year and the one you see is the correct one for the year we’re in.

Therefore… here they are, our most wanted (not only) wine days to raise a glass for a reason (such as anyone really need an excuse):



1.01National Bloody Mary Day (USA)

Beginning of each year starts great for those who adore Bloody Mary. As this cocktail is described by some as the perfect hangover cure (despite it contains the very thing that made a hangover in the first place – alcohol), no wonder why it has been set up the next morning after the New Year’s Eve party ;) Time to mix vodka with tomato juice and some spices and enjoy National Bloody Mary Day! Use #NationalBloodyMaryDay to share on social media.


17.01Hot Buttered Rum Day

Celebrated across the USA, National Buttered Rum Day is a great occasion to make a drink that warms up, as usually the end of January still brings the cold breeze; unless you’re living in the South Hemisphere; then perhaps a cold version of this drink will be a perfect fit. Use #HotButteredRumDay to post on social media.


25.01National Irish Coffee Day

Made with strong coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream, Irish coffee is another opportunity to warm up during winter cold days.  Use #NationalIrishCoffeeDay to post on social media.




18.02 – National Drink Wine Day (USA)

Widely celebrated in the USA, it is also a popular day all over the world, as everybody wants to celebrate the day when we can drink wine (like we need an excuse any other day of the year…) Use #NationalDrinkWineDay to post on social media.


22.02 – National Margarita Day

The world celebrates National Margarita Day each year on the 22nd of February. The date doesn’t change, so you can set up a ‘repeat yearly’ reminder in your calendar on 22nd of February if you’re a margarita fan ;) Honour this sacred tequila and lime drink and use #NationalMargaritaDay to post on social media.


(24.02.2018) – Open That Bottle Night

Last Saturday of February each year is a very special celebration for wine lovers. We open that one extraordinary bottle of wine we’ve been hiding from the world for long. Whether it is your vintage wine, a very expensive or rare bottle, or a gift from someone special, last Saturday of February is a perfect occasion to open that bottle and enjoy what’s been hidden inside. As Open That Bottle Night is set every year on the last Saturday of February, the date ranges from 22nd to 29th. Use #otbn to post on social media.


27.02 – National Kahlua Day

Every year on the 27th of February we celebrate the beauty of this creamy liqueur from Mexico. You can use it with your coffee, create tasty cocktails with it or flavour your dessert. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be delicious! Use #NationalKahluaDay to post on social media.


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03.03 – National Mulled Wine Day

Each year on the 3rd of March wine lovers around the world celebrate National Mulled Wine Day. Combine hot wine with spices and orange and you will have a perfect warm-up drink for the chill late winter evenings. This is one of my favourite of wine days!  Use #NationalMulledWineDay to post on social media.


24.03 – National Cocktail Day (USA)

March 24th is National Cocktail Day celebrated in America. Please notice, that World Cocktail Day is in May. It means that we can celebrate it not once, but twice a year! Whatever cocktail you prefer, make your favourite and enjoy it with friends and your beloved ones. Use #NationalCocktailDay to post on social media.




7.04 – National Beer Day (USA)

Beer lovers in America celebrate National Beer Day each year of the 7th of April. Use #NationalBeerDay to post on social media.


9.04 – National Gin and Tonic Day (USA)

National Gin and Tonic Day takes place each year on the 9th of April in the USA. Mix your favourite gin with tonic and enjoy this worldwide known cocktail. Use #NationalGinAndTonicDay to post on social media.


17.04 – World Malbec Day

Malbec World Day, also known as International Malceb day, is celebrated worldwide on the 17th of April. Many places host events around Malbec, as well as Argentinian food and lifestyle. Make sure you have your favourite Malbec in your wine cellar to celebrate this special day. Use #MalbecWorldDay to post on social media.


24.04 – Sauvignon Blanc Day

Since 2010 wine lovers around the world celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day on 24th of April. Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day with a glass of your favourite Sauvignon Blanc, whether it will be a classic Loire or aromatic New Zealand one, enjoy it fully and share with friends.  Use #SauvBlanc or #SauvignonBlancDay to post on social media.




7.05 – National Cosmopolitan Day

National Cosmopolitan Day is celebrated in USA each year on the 7th of May since 2014. Typically made with vodka, lime and cranberry juice, this famous cosmo drink has many variations so you can adjust its flavour to fit your taste. Use #NationalCosmopolitanDay to post on social media.


9.05 – National Moscato Day

National Moscato Day was introduced by Gallo Family Vineyards for the first time in 2012. Since then winelovers, not only in America, raise the glass with this fruity and delightful varietal wine. Use #MoscatoDay to post on social media.


13.05 – World Cocktail Day

Also knows as International Cocktail Day, the World Cocktail Day is celebrated all over the world on the 13th of May. Some of the sources provide info that it is the last day of the World Cocktail Week (4-13.05), yet I haven’t found any more details about this weekly celebration. Use #WorldCocktailDay to post on social media. Notice there is also a National Cocktail Day that Americans celebrate in March.


(19.05.2018) – World Whisky Day

Third Saturday of May is a celebration of whisky and.. whiskey as well ;) The World Whisky Day has been celebrated annually since 2012 and its date changes each year. On all seven continents there are many events where participants enjoy whisky, you can join an official event or make your own at home. Use #WorldWhiskyDay to post on social media.


(24.05.2018) – National Chardonnay Day

National Chardonnay Day is celebrated across USA each year on the Thursday before Memorial Day since 2010. The dates vary from one year to another. Although it is a national celebration in America, the rest of the world is happy to join ;) Pick up your favourite bottle of chardonnay and raise a glass to this widely grown grape variety. Use #ChardDay or #ChardonnayDay to post on social media.


25.05 – National Wine Day

Enjoy a glass of your favourite wine to participate in the National Wine Day. Wine lovers celebrate this event annually on 25th of May, raising a glass of their favourite wine. Red, white, sparkling or still, fortified or non-alcoholic one – choose the one (or two) you love and celebrate. Use #NationalWineDay to post on social media.




4.06 –National Cognac Day

Celebrate this French fine spirit with others Cognac lovers in America each year on the 4th of June. Take time to enjoy the very distinctive flavours of your fav cognac especially this day of the year. Use #NationalCognacDay to post on social media.


(9.06.2018) – World Gin Day

This global celebration took place for the first time in 2009 and is celebrated annually since that date. We celebrate it each year on the second Saturday in June, so the dates differ from one year to another. Use #WorldGinDay to post on social media.


15.06 – National Cheers to Beer Day (UK)

Since 2015 UK has its own beer day. Brits go to pubs and raise a pine of their favourite beer and at 7pm everybody celebrates National Cheers To Beer. It is also knows as British Beer Day or National Beer Day UK. Use #CheersToBeer to post on social media.


19.06 – National Martini Day

The National Martini Day gives drink lovers another excuse to celebrate. Each year on the 19th of June we raise a glass with our fav martini. Whether it will be a classic one or its modern variation, enjoy it not only this one day of a year. Use #NationalMartiniDay to post on social media.


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1-7.07 – Sparkling Wine Week

The sparkling wine celebration has started just recently, in 2016, and it’s been announced as the ‘’first sparkling wine day’’ to be celebrated in the world (I think they haven’t heard about 31st of December, which is a sparkling wine day… ;) ). Anyway, there was also a sparkling wine week announced, so it’s a great reason to celebrate any bubbles you love during those seven days. Use #SparklingWineWeek to post on social media.


3.07 – MY BIRTHDAY! ;)

‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you ’’ – yet let’s not cry but raise a glass of our favourite wine instead ;) I will definitely open my vintage wine or other special bottle, as I do so each year, and I’ll say a very happy birthday to me ;) Therefore.. if you’re looking for an excuse for a glass of wine tonight, do not hesitate to join me in my b-day celebration!


10.07 – National Pina Colada Day

The pineapple, coconut and rum have been together for long, making people in love with this refreshing drink from Puerto Rico. The National Pina Colada Day is observed annually on the 10th of July. Make your own delicious Pina Colada and stick a colourful umbrella in, so you’ll feel like you’re on the tropical beach enjoying the sun; unless you have a beach near you and it’s a summer time ;) Use #NationalPinaColadaDay to post on social media.


11.07 – National Mojito Day (USA)

This traditional cocktail is celebrated across America annually on July 11th. Mix up the rum, sugar syrup, lime juice, mint, soda water and bitters and make your own Mojito to celebrate National Mojito Day. Use #NationalMojitoDay to post on social media.


19.07 – National Daiquiri Day (USA)

On the 19th of July people across USA raise their glasses to celebrate National Daiquiri Day. If you do not live in America, no worries, you can celebrate as well ;) Use #NationalDaiquiriDay to post on social media.


24.07 – National Tequila Day

Raise your glass for National Tequila Day each year July the 24th. Use #NationalTequilaDay to post on social media.


25.07 – National Wine and Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day is held across USA each year July the 25th. Celebrate with your favourite pairings of wine and cheese, you can try the classic pairings or experiment on your own. Use #NationalWineAndCheeseDay to post on social media.


(27-29.07.2018) – International Pinot Noir Celebration

The three day event at the end of July in Oregon, USA, was the first event to start celebrating the Pinot Noir grape variety. Nowadays the event is recognizable worldwide and wine lovers raise glasses of their favourite Pinot Noir during the last full weekend in July. Use #ipnc or #InternationalPinotNoirCelebration to post on social media.




1.08 – International Albarino Day

International Albarino day took place for the first time during Albarino Festival in Spain in 2011. Nowadays celebrated worldwide, it brings people together so they can open a bottle of Albarino and raise a glass to honour the Albarino grape variety.  Use #AlbarinoFiesta to post on social media.


5.08 – International Beer Day

Beer lovers worldwide put the barley pop in their glasses on the 5th of August. Whether it is blonde, dark or flavoured low alcohol beer, enjoy your favourite one and remember to try something new as well! Use #IntlBeerDay or #InternationalBeerDay to post on social media.


16.08 – National Rum Day

The 16th of August is America’s National Rum Day. Observed annually and celebrated not only in America, but also anywhere else all over the world. The Rum Day is a perfect occasion to mix some of your favourite rum cocktails with brightly coloured umbrellas. Use #NationalRumDay to post on social media.


(30.08.2018) – International Cabernet Day

International Cabernet Day takes place each year on Thursday before the Labor Day (Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September). The dates vary and World Cabernet Day may be at the end of August or at the beginning of September. Join the rest of the world in this annual celebration of Cabernet (Franc, Sauvignon) and raise a glass of your favourite Cab. Use #CabernetDay to post on social media.




(21.09.2018) – International Grenache Day

The Grenache Association was the first to start the celebration of this wonderful grape variety. Wine lovers all around the world celebrate the International Grenache Day annually on the 3rd Friday of September. Whether you prefer Spanish Garnacha or French Grenache, it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy your glass of wine. Use #GrenacheDay to post on social media.


28.09 – National Drink Beer Day

With hundreds of different new and traditional varieties available, Drink Beer Day gives all drinkers a wonderful opportunity to taste their favourite beer. Ale, lager, craft beer, dark, blonde, flavoured or sweet one – raise your beer glass and celebrate the Drink Beer Day each year on the 28th of September. Use #DrinkBeerDay to post on social media.


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4.10 – National Vodka Day

Celebrate vodka annually on October 4th! National Vodka Day has been celebrated in USA since about 2009. Shaken or stirred, enjoy it on its own to learn more about its flavours (yes, vodkas differ in flavours, texture and structure!). If you do not like vodka on its own, try it in your favourite cocktails. Use #NationalVodkaDay to post on social media.


(7-13.10.2018) – Drink Local Wine Week

To be honest with you, I haven’t found any clear info, when and where the Drink Local Wine Week takes place in 2017. Therefore I calculated it using the pattern from previous years: I found that first few years it’s been from Sunday to Saturday, finishing on the 2nd Saturday of October. According to this ‘’pattern’’, it looks like the Drink Local Wine Week should be Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th October 2017. Use #DrinkLocalWineWeek or #LocalWine to post on social media.


16.10 – National Liqueur Day

National Liqueur Day is celebrated in USA annually on 16th of October. Flavoured with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts – choose the one you like the most and try it on its own to celebrate the National Liqueur day. You can make a cocktail as well, using your favourite liqueur. Use #NationalLiqueurDay to post on social media.


19.10 – International Gin And Tonic Day

Every year in October the 19th we celebrate the International Gin and Tonic Day. Mix your favourite gin with tonic and enjoy this worldwide known cocktail. Use #InternationalGinAndTonicDay to post on social media.


(19.10.2018) – Global Champagne Day

Since 2009 wine lovers celebrate the Global Champagne Day on the third Friday of October. If you drink champagne only for special occasions, this one can be a perfect fit. Spend some money on good bubbles (there’s no such a thing as cheap champagne…) and enjoy this wonderful fizz from Champagne. Use #ChampagneDay to post on social media.




7.11 – International Merlot Day

Celebrate this widely recognizable grape variety each year on the 7th of November. As Merlot is so popular, I bet you won’t have a problem with finding a good quality one, so make sure you’ve got a bottle (or two) in your wine cellar. On the 7th of November raise a glass and make something that Miles from Sideways couldn’t do – enjoy a glass of Merlot ;) use #MerlotDay to post on social media.


(11.11.2018) – Wine Tourism Day

The European Day of Wine Tourism first started in 2009, and it is an annual celebration since. Wine tourism businesses, wine companies and wineries promote the concept of travelling to wine regions, making wine tourism even more fashionable nowadays. We celebrate Wine Tourism Day each year on the second Sunday of November. Use #WineTourismDay to post on social media.


(8.11.2018) – International Tempranillo Day

Since 2011 the world celebrates Tempranillo Day on the 2nd Thursday of November. Pour yourself a big glass of Spanish grape variety and enjoy its flavours.  Use #TempranilloDay or #Tempranillo to post on social media.


(15.11.2018) – Beaujolais Nouveau

We celebrate this first vin de primeur on the third Thursday of November each year. Beaujolais Nouveau Day is celebrated worldwide and it is the first ‘new vintage wine’ released for drinking the same year as it was being produced. Whether you prefer the AOC or a very cheap one, join other wine lovers and celebrate the first new vintage wine of the year. Use #BeaujolaisNouveau to post on social media.


19.10 – National Zinfandel Day (USA)

On the 19th of November people across the USA celebrate their great red grape variety, Zinfandel. Raise your glass of Californian Zinfandel or Primitivo (this widely known Italian grape variety is called Zinfandel in America) or even the White Zinfandel and enjoy its lovely flavours.  Use #NationalZinfandelDay to post on social media.


24.11 – Carmenere Day

The Carmenere Day was launched by Wines of Chile on 24th of November and wine lovers around the world celebrate Carmenere Day each year. Have a glass of Chilean Carmenere and find some time today to rediscover this grape variety. Use #CarmenereDay to post on social media.




4.12 – Cabernet Franc Day

Wine lovers celebrate Cabernet Franc Day in December the 4th. Choose a bottle of a varietal wine made from Cabernet Franc and enjoy it with a homemade meal. Use #CabFrancDay or #CabernetFrancDay to post on social media.


31.12 – Sparkling Wine Day

The last day of the year is the Sparkling Wine Day, so everybody can celebrate the end of the year (and welcome the New Year) with their favourite bubbles. Limoux, Champagne, Proseco, Franciacorta, Cava and any other sparkling will be perfect to raise your glass to honor the Sparkling Wine Day. Often, this day is also called ‘Champagne and Other Sparkling Day’. Use #SparklingWineDay to post on social media.



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Am I missing something? Do you know about other official wine day or wine celebration that I have not included in this calendar? Is there any other beer or cocktail day that deserve to be mentioned in this wine days calendar? Let me know in the comments below and I will update the list. (thanks in advance for your participation).


The list of updates:

[2018, January] – updated for 2018

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Note that most of the ‘National’ wine days belong to USA and some of the dates may differ from international or world days; in the calendar I included all of them.

Drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Do not drink when you’re expecting the baby. Alcohol may be harmful to your health. Alcohol abuse may be dangerous for you and cause danger to your beloved ones. If you drink, drink with moderation.



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