23 awesome wine gift ideas (not only for wine lovers)

Looking for a present for wine lover? Check out this wine gift ideas not only for wine lovers - by Wine Lady

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and any other types of celebration; they are all about sharing your love and best wishes and giving something that will make your beloved ones feel special. Each year we spend a lot of time on looking for presents to put under the Christmas tree or to give for a special occasion. What can you buy for a wine lover?  What wine related products may bring a smile on the face of your family member or a friend? I’ve prepared 23 awesome wine gift ideas that will inspire you and help to choose the perfect gift.

Let’s get through a list which I used as a starting point when planning gifts for Christmas and other occasions for my family and friends. I categorized the ideas into a few groups to make it easier to look for. Therefore you can choose from: wine and food gift ideas, entertainment gift ideas, kitchen & home decor wine gift ideas and for the body wine gift ideas.

Consider the list an inspiration; take what you like and leave the rest :) enjoy!




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  1. Wine.

Whether it will be a bottle of wine or a case of wine, make sure it is a good one. Remember to consider the taste of the person whom you’re buying for (if you know it).

  1. Gourmet basket.

Almost every bigger food shop and supermarket offer a gourmet basket with a special wine and food selection. You can also make one on your own! You just need a nice looking basket, a bottle of wine and some nice food that goes well with that wine.




  1. Wine books.

You can buy a novel or a crime where the wine is involved, a wine atlas or a book to learn about wine from. There are hundreds of different types of books to choose from!

  1. DVD with films.

This gift requires some knowledge about the person you want to give it to and about the film itself. There are many interesting films where wine is involved, starting with documentaries (such as ‘Mondovino’, ‘Somm’ or ‘Red Obsession’), through romantic comedies (such as ‘Letters to Juliet’ or ‘A good year’), to thrillers and comedy-dramas (‘Blood and wine’, ‘Sideways’, ‘Bottle Shock’).

  1. Board and trivia games.

There is a wide spectrum of wine related games to choose from. Here are a few examples: Wine-Opoly Monopoly, Wine Wars, ZinZig Wine Tasting, Winerd Wine, Murder Mystery.


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6. Courses.

In every bigger city, there are companies that offer wine courses. If you know your family member or friend is interested in wine, look for gift vouchers for wine or wine and food pairing courses. Many restaurants and wine bars also offer wine and food pairing dinners which can be a good gift idea as well.

  1. Wine tasting journals.

A notebook to write tasting notes may be a good idea for those who participate in many wine tastings and need to keep the records. Those special journals are not only beautiful but also very practical. Often the pages contain a printed guide to fill in, which makes writing easier during the tasting.

  1. Le nez du vin.

It is a kit of different wine reference aromas to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the wines. It helps to train and memorize aromas, giving you the ability to identify the notes found in different wines. The aroma kit is quite expensive, but it will be useful for those who want to get better in identifying the aromas in wine.





  1. Wine glasses.

There’s a wide range of glasses to choose from. You can select elegant Riedel varietal glasses or a set of Spiegelau. You can choose a wine bottle glass as well or glasses with funny sentences on it.

  1. Carafes or decanters.

My favorite ones are those dangerous looking Riedel decanters, which unfortunately are not cheap. Although I like those original ones, I have many of the ‘normal-shaped’ carafes at home and I use them often. I find decanters beautiful and extremely useful Xmas gifts.

  1. Wine accessories.

Wine accessories are a simple and often quite cheap gift idea. As they say, there are never too many corkscrews in the house ;) So what can you choose from? Let’s see: elegant corkscrews, wine bottle holders, wine dispensers, wine coolers, wine charms, markers for wine glasses, wine stoppers, Xmas wine bottle covers, wine sets and more.

  1. Wine racks.

Starting with small wine bottle holders to put on the table to beautifully designed wine racks to fasten on the wall. They can be from wood, metal or plastic. The choice is really big.

  1. Wine fridges.

This is a wonderful yet expensive gift. If you are looking for a present for your wine-loving spouse, think about buying a wine fridge that will not only be useful but also will look good in the kitchen.


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  1. Cork holders.

Wine cork holders are quite popular lately. I used to have a big wine glass shaped vase to put corks in, now there are more and more wine cork holders to hang on the wall; they look like a framed picture with a hole on top to put corks in. Good idea for those who drinks many wines and are left with many corks ;)

15. Mugs.

To drink a coffee or a tea you need a nice mug ;) I’ve been given a couple of mugs with Ronald Searle’s ‘wine speak’ drawings and I love them. In my kitchen there are also some ‘keep calm and drink wine’ and ‘there’s a chance this is wine’ mugs and every time I drink from them I smile to myself. Mugs are a nice (and safe) choice.

  1. Aprons and kitchen towels.

Some people may ask ‘who is using the apron nowadays’. I do ;) I have many aprons at home, from funny ones to use on a daily basis to elegant ones branded with famous Bordeaux wine producers to use when we’re having guests. A nice apron or a set of wine related kitchen towels may bring a smile on your mother’s or sister’s face.

  1. Tray or trivet kit.

Good for wine and food lovers. Wooden or black slate wine or cheese tray will look beautiful on every xmas table. Wine cork trivet kit may be very helpful in the kitchen as well!

  1. Home Decor.

Original wine paintings or drawings, handmade decorations, vineyard’s pictures to hang on the wall, home decor made out of wine corks or wine bottles… and more. Just make sure the person whom you’re buying for like this type of decorations in the house or garden!

19. Candles.

Many cosmetic and food companies create good looking candles for Xmas. Look for those with wine aromas or the Xmas aromas in a wine-glass shape. There is a big choice of them and they look and smell really lovely.


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  1. Wine SPA.

A treatment in a wine SPA with a nice dinner afterward will make happy every woman. There is more and more SPA that offers treatments with wine and grapes, many hotels also offer gift vouchers in their SPA’s so look around. Whether it will be a bath, a face massage or body treatment, oils and products based on grapes will help to relax and feel better.

  1. Cosmetics made from grapes or wine.

This is often my gift choice, as I love grape and wine related cosmetics ;) My favorite one is a French skin care company, Caudalie, which I use by myself and buy for my female friends (for myself as well :p). Each year they prepare nice gift sets that are gift-wrapped, so it is a very easy and not that expensive present.

22. Jewellery.

That may be a good gift for a lady in wine. Earrings, Pandora charms, pendants or rings with a glass of wine, a champagne bottle, or a bunch of grapes always look good.

  1. Xmas wine t-shirts.

Many online shops offer t-shirts with funny sentences on it for wine lovers. I’ve seen woolen jumpers with wine and Xmas theme as well. If you know the size of a person whom you’re buying for and you know she or he will enjoy it, go for it ;)


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How to choose the perfect wine gift?

Before you spend time and money on buying a wine gift, I recommend you spend a few minutes thinking about a few elements that may make the decision easier for you. Moreover, if you know what you’re looking for, you will save time and energy when shopping. Here are four steps I encourage you to think about before going to the shop:

Firstly, ask yourself whom you are buying for. Is that person a wine connoisseur or just started to be interested in wine? Does that person like having a wine decor at home? Is this person interested in learning more about wines? Do you know what wine accessories does that person have at home? Do you look for a gift for a woman or for a man?

Secondly, think how good you know the person whom you’re buying for. If it is someone you know well and you know her or his needs, then look for something more personal, such as handmade decor or a wooden box engraved with her/his name on it.

Thirdly, consider what can be more appreciated by the person you’re buying for (not by you!). Whether it will be a bottle of vintage champagne or a 6-bottle case of cheaper wines? If you want to buy wine gifts for people who like wine but are not crazy about it, perhaps a bottle of wine or a set of wine glasses will be a better idea than a wine book or documentary film about wine. For a young person with a good sense of humor, consider buying a wine t-shirt with a funny sentence on it. If you’re buying a gift for an older person, perhaps a nice wine decor to hang on the wall would be a good idea. Women will be happy with a piece of lovely jewelry or a voucher to wine SPA (trust me, they I know what I’m talking about).

Lastly, think about the amount of money you would like to pay for the gift. Although the wine fridge will be an expensive gift, a nice wine rack which will be cheaper and may be the best fit for the person whom you’re buying for. You can select an interesting wine book to read for or give a voucher to a wine course. It all depends on the money you would like to spend.



Your own wine gift ideas

What wine gifts have you bought in the past that were considered very good gifts? Would you add something to my list? What else would you buy for someone who adores wine? Feel free and welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.


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Notice: I do not know all of the products I mentioned in the list above and I do not get any financial benefits for the recommendation. These are the wine gift ideas I wrote for myself, so I could have a wide spectrum of possibilities to choose from. Enjoy!


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