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what wine business owner and wine blogger should know about creative commons - tips from Wine Lady

All the content available on the internet is copyrighted: all the pictures you see, all the videos you watch, all the audios you listen to and all the articles you read; all of them are protected by the copyright law and if you copy and use them without the permission of the author, you’re breaking the law. But there is a way of using someone else’s creative work legally and this is what I would like to […]

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Home page essentials for a wine blog [free checklist]

What are the essential elements you should remember about when creating your wine business website or wine blog Tips delivered to you by Wine Lady

The wine blog home page is the first page your readers and customers see when visiting your website. The first impression is very important, as your home page may interest your visitors so they want to stay longer with you. The home page not only shows what your online activities focus on but also has a bunch of elements that may help you to engage the visitor for longer by reading interesting articles, signing to your newsletter […]

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How to make your website more secure?

How to make your wine website more secure? How to make your WordPress more secure? Tips on website security from Wine Lady

Is it possible to make your WordPress website 100% secure? I’d like to say ‘yes’ but the truth is that no one can be 100% sure about the website security. I believe everyone can do something to keep the security on the highest possible level. There is always a risk, though, that someone will try to hack the site or blog with better or worse result. I’ve got some tips for you on how to make your […]

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Sorry Babe, it’s over

Wine Lady shares about how to say no to too many emails, facebook groups you dont really like

I’ve just done something exceptional. I have spend about 6 hours on Facebook doing ‘fb stuff’ and playing with my emails. Gosh, I had no idea there are so many people having something very important to share with me! Yeah, I can feel the love now… The quantity wasn’t a big problem (though I found almost 250 emails in my inbox), as I kind of get used to receiving a lot of emails a day. It is […]

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