5 alcohol and wine phobias you probably had no idea existed!

Alcohol and wine phobias you had no idea existed - by Wine Lady.

‘Novinophobia means a fear of running out of wine or having no wine’. I bet you have seen this sentence somewhere on wine glasses, pillows, mugs or t-shirts for wine lovers. I also bet it made you laugh. Because it is so funny for a wine lover to say ‘my friend, I suffer from the disease called novinophobia, so please refill my glass with fine wine!’ And although this makes us laugh, there are a few real wine phobias people suffer from; phobias that many of us, wine lovers, probably didn’t know existed.


Alcohol and wine phobias

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Cenosillicaphobia is a fear of an empty glass. Sufferers experience fear of seeing an empty glass, it may be a beer glass, a wine glass, or a cocktail glass.  A person who suffers from this phobia feels uncomfortable when having an empty glass; in worse situations a person may become frustrated and angry.


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I always thought it is a ‘joke’ kind of a phobia, created by those who like to drink alcohol drinks. Although I have found its definition in a few online dictionaries, I haven’t found the meaning in any of the big and respected dictionaries such as Oxford or Cambridge Dictionaries.

Therefore as three first phobias listed above are real fears, I still am not sure whether cenosillicaphobia it is real or not. I think, though, it is good to be familiar with the term.



This psychological condition is also known as Potophobia, often described as a fear of loss control when drinking alcohol.


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Methyphobic people may be either scared of losing control after drinking alcohol or they may avoid (because of the fear) the company of people who consume alcohol.

People suffering from this phobia rather avoid parties and family gatherings in order to reduce the uncomfortable feeling related to alcohol presence. They do not drink alcohol themselves.




Also known as oinomania and enomania; oenomania is a mania for wine. Although it is not a phobia, it may create similar psychological negative effects on the person because of the morbid and often not controlled desire for wine; it may also affects very badly people surrounding the person. From medical point of view, it is another name for dipsomania and delirium tremens.


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Dipsomania in psychiatry is a compulsive desire to drink alcoholic beverages; sufferers have an irresistible, typically periodic craving for alcoholic drinks.

Delirium tremens, on the other hand, is a psychotic condition caused by chronic alcoholism. It may cause delirium, hallucinations, anger and anxiety. According to Dictionary of the English Language, delirium tremens means ‘’an acute, sometimes fatal episode of delirium usually caused by withdrawal or abstinence from alcohol following habitual excessive drinking. It may occur during an episode of heavy alcohol consumption’’.



Also known as enophobia or oinophobia. Oenophobia is a psychological condition where the sufferer has an intense dislike or hatred for wine.


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The most common reason why oenophobes fear wine is because wine contains alcohol that is consider a toxin. Moreover this toxin causes effects that are unpleasant and scary for the person who drinks it and for the person who witness others drinking it.

Similarly to methyphobic people, oenophobes avoid people who drink wine and they do not drink wine themselves. In order to avoid the unpleasant effects of being treated badly by people who drink wine, a person suffering from this phobia also avoids places where wine is being drunk.




It is a very similar phobia to oenophobia. In this case, though, beer is a reason of a panic fear. It is considered to be a branch of methophobia.


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People suffering from this phobia are afraid of others who drink beer. They avoid parties and gathering where beer can be present, in order to protect themselves from acts of rudeness. They do not drink beer and no let others drink beer in their house or surroundings.

Moreover, zythophobes may as well fear of the yeasts that are present in beer. This type of zythophobia may lead to a fear of taking live yeasts into the body that may lead to unpleasant effects.


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How many of these alcohol and wine phobias have you been familiar with? Do you know any other phobias related to wine or alcohol in general, that I haven’t write about? I will be happy to read your comment. Cheers!


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