10 awesome wine post ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

wine post ideas for wine blogs for December, Christmas and New year's Eve by Wine Lady

December is usually a busy month. Not only because of the Christmas preparation but also, due to enjoying our winter holidays, we have to finish a lot of projects at work in the first half of the month. Moreover, it is the time when most of us look for presents for our beloved ones and we spend a huge amount of our free time in the shopping centers. There’s not much time left for neither reading nor writing wine blogs, and often times we are too busy to think about wine post ideas for Christmas time.

If you haven’t written anything earlier and would like to write a short post regarding Christmas, check out those 10 wine post ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and be inspired. You can also download this article as a PDF so you can use it as an inspiration for your writing in the future.


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Wine post ideas for Christmas

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  1. Wine and food pairing for Christmas dinner.

It is a common post on wine blogs, yet very popular. What dishes do you have on your Christmas table? What wines will you pair with the food? Share your own ideas and let your readers try those pairings. Perhaps this is what they’ve been looking for?


  1. Wine related gift ideas.

This is another popular topic on wine blogs during Xmas time. Christmas is all about family and friends and often times we want to give our beloved ones great gifts to make them happy. Think what wine gift ideas you had in the past and which of them were the best ideas and share them with your readers. Personally, I like to check out wine blogs before Christmas to look for new gift ideas – I can always find something interesting!


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  1. Where to meet family and friends during Christmas holidays.

Most of us visit family at their homes after the Christmas Eve. Many of us, however, want to go somewhere to celebrate the Christmas time also with friends. If you know a nice place when friends can gather during Christmas time for a nice lunch and some great wines, share it in one of your wine blog posts.


  1. Christmas flavours in the glass.

A wine flavour is something I really like. What flavours in the wine glass seems to be the best fit for Christmas? Why not to write about orange, cinnamon and dried fruits? What are the typical Christmas seasonings that can be also found in wine?


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  1. DIY ideas on how to decorate the Christmas table and / or the house.

This is interesting for those of you who would like to creatively reuse the old wine corks and wine boxes. If you are a person who makes small decorations from wine corks, wine bottles or wine boxes, then why not to share those ideas with your readers?

I love the Christmas wreaths made from wine corks or those tiny wine corks Christmas trees ;) This year I created some decorations from wine glasses and we really love them!


  1. Christmas time and winter recipes.

If you write as well about food on your blog, consider adding some interesting Christmas recipes that your readers can prepare on their own. You can also share a recipe for a mulled beer or mulled wine to keep warm in winter!



Wine post ideas for New Year’s Eve

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  1. Sparkling wine and food pairing for New year’s Eve party.

What about nice pairings of dishes and snacks with sparkling wines and champagnes you’re preparing for the New Year’s Eve? There are so many possibilities, you can go salty or sweet, you can write about main courses or just snacks; choose those that go well with bubbles and share ideas with your readers.


  1. Cocktails for New Year’s Eve.

Mixology is not only fashionable these days but also gives a lot of possibilities to create something original (and colourful!) to drink. If you are interested in making cocktails, consider sharing a few recipes with your readers that may be a perfect choice for New Year’s Eve party.


  1. Bubbles and other sparkling wines – in general.

New Year’s Eve is the time of the year when most people drink sparkling wine. Consider writing about differences between sparkling wines, perhaps you know some interesting facts about a champagne production? Sparkling producing regions may also be very interesting subject to write about on your wine blog. If you are from Britain, why not to write about English sparkling wines that become more and more popular?


  1. Recommended bubbles to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Most popular blog post for the New Year’s Eve: what bubbles will you have to celebrate New Year? What bubbles would you recommend to your readers? Perhaps writing about sparkling wines available in different prices would be a good idea?


I’ve chosen two wine post ideas for Christmas from above to write about on my wine blog this December. Furthermore, I’ve used an idea about sharing a mulled wine recipe in my November newsletter (at the moment my Mulled Wine Recipe also appears on the blog as a single post).

What have you written about on your wine blog regarding Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Are there any other ideas you would add to my list? Feel free and welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.


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