Winter in the vineyards. After a xmas break.

The very long Christmas break has just finished and I am at home again.

I had a great time in Poland with my family and friends, in both Poznań and Warsaw cities, but it is good to come back to everyday routine as I love living and working in there. I missed my Maison and its gardens so much!

Today I went for a walk to check up on surrounding vineyards and below you will find some of the new photos. Although it is still winter in Bordeaux, the vineyards look quite autumnal and all the trees start to bud as it is about 15 degrees and quite warm such as during early spring.

I need to get used to a different definition of “a winter time” – without snow, freezing wind and very low temperatures ;)

Winter in Bordeaux


My favourite place to take pictures. This time a winter view.


Lots of vines had to be taken out, soon we will burn them ;)


More like autumn than winter…


Isn’t it beautiful?


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