‘Looking behind the label’ and ‘Understanding style and quality’ – WSET study books

WSET study books (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) are not books that you can buy in a book shop but I think they are worthwhile knowing and it is good to read them not only before the course exam but every time you want to refresh your wine knowledge.

WSET – intermediate; study book


Level 2 – intermediate

The book from the intermediate level (a blue one) has helped me to systematize my wine knowledge at the beginning of my wine career even if I thought that I know so much about wine (hahaha, silly me!) but studying WSET intermediate study book showed me how little I knew (firstly) and how unstructured the information was (secondly).

“Wines and Spirits. Behind the label” is written in a very friendly language and it is easy to get through. After the exam I often had been coming back to this book but when I sit the next level of WSET I no longer need it so I gave it to my friend ;)

WSET - books review
WSET – advanced study book

Level 3 – advanced

The WSET advanced study book (green one) is not only more detailed if it comes to wine knowledge but also is written in a more difficult and specific language than the blue book (although I speak English very well, it is still my second language therefore participation in this course in English was more difficult than to someone for whom English is a native language).

“Wines and spirits. Understanding style and quality” has lots of interesting pictures, tables, maps and drawings that are easier to remember than just a written text. These book are study books rather than a nice novel that you can read in bed, so reading it reminds of studying at school or university which can be annoying for some of you ;)

My ‘green’ WSET study book is always somewhere near me therefore I can use it anytime I need to. I use it quite often as I like the way the information has been arranged and split into chapters in this book.

WSET - books review
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For those who prefer wine courses to reading wine books I recommend to do a small research in wine schools available in your area – especially those certified courses for international market (such as WSET www.wsetlobal.com or CMS www.mastersommeliers.org)

Detailed info about WSET study books:

  1. An intermediate level – „Wines and Spirits. Looking behind the label” – produced and published by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust with the foreword by The Master Vintner; 1st edition 2011; ISBN:978 0 951793 68 8.
  2. An advanced level – “Wines and Spirits. Understanding style and quality” – produced and published by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust second revision 2012 with a foreword by Jancis Robinson MW. ISBN: 978 1 905819 15 7.

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